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- Last updated 8.28.2016 by Prowllu - Wiki layout has been updated as well, as well as a few layout pages and an expanded Help section has been added under the Community drop-down box on the Wiki Navigation bar.
- Please use the new character page layout and Clan Page Layout to update your Clans' and characters' respective pages!
- Everyone meet Pathfinder! They will be joining us around the Wiki for fun events that will be coming soon- keep an eye out for our new guide here in the near future...
- Most of the images on the wiki have been organized in categories. The main categories are Character Images and Personal Images.
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Would you guys like a fun roleplay event that could win you a free drawing of your favorite cat?

The poll was created at 00:02 on August 29, 2016, and so far 37 people voted.
Featured Roleplay Group
AutumnClan is a group of cats who live in a beautiful forest in which the leaves stay their autumn colors all year around, save for leaf-bare. The cats in this Clan are strong willed, quick to act, and snappy. The Clan's page is also newly updated with the layout! Read more about AutumnClan here!
Featured Quote
"Nothing," he hissed. "We're just trying to keep ourselves occupied with the circle of lies and deceit as usual."

- Nightwater of MapleClan talking about Maplestar's secret to Thornberry and Autumnbreeze.

Featured Article
Nightfang s a black tom with white and gray tabby patches on him, with green eyes. He is strong and muscular, and a brave and honest cat. Many cats think of him as a natural leader. He is currently a warrior of NightClan!

Read more about Nightfang here!

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