An Apprentice Ceremony is when a kit is ready to start training as an apprentice.


Once a kit is six moons old, they're ready to become an apprentice. When they become an apprentice, their name ends with the "-paw" suffix.


Warrior Apprentice Ceremony

The Clan leader calls a Clan Meeting, so they can give the apprentice their new name and mentor. An example would be Snowfur's apprentice ceremony:
Pinestar: "Bluekit and Snowkit. You have been with us for six moons. Today you will start your training. Your father has been loyal to ThunderClan and is a brave warrior. May you both tread in his paw steps."
Pinestar: "Snowkit. From this day forward you shall be known as Snowpaw. Sparrowpelt, you will mentor Snowpaw. Train her to be a fine warrior."

Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony

The Clan leader calls a Clan Meeting, and the medicine cat explains that they want to take on an apprentice. An example would be Hollyleaf's medicine cat apprentice ceremony:
Firestar: "Hollykit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be Hollypaw."
Firestar: "Leafpool. I know that I am putting Hollypaw in safe paws. I pray that StarClan gives your apprentice all the strength and wisdom she will need."
Leafpool: "I will teach her everything I know."